Running Horse II

  Maine collected driftwood Custom steel black satin base 27″ L X  5.5″ W X 19″ H Private Commission  


King size bed Maine collected driftwood Custom measurements Private commission ~ Custom installation

LLBean Bench

Maine found driftwood Commercial commission for LLBean Set of two benches 18″ H X 15″ W X 4′ L


Maine collected driftwood Custom steel base Linen shade 60′ H X 6″ W X 14″ D

Beach Barometer

Private commission. Maine collected driftwood. Buyers antique barometer. 3′ L X 12″ W


Pair of custom driftwood table lamps Maine collected driftwood. White enamel steel bases. Linen shades. 29″ H X 9″ W  

Pine Point

Maine collected driftwood Custom glass top 30″ W X 48″ L X 18″ H Private commission.

Black Point

Maine Coast found driftwood Custom polished nickel Custom glass top 44″ W X 48″ L X 18″ H Private commission

Preston Pair

Maine collected driftwood Commercial Commission 48″ W X 7″ D

Pair of Fluted Floor Lamps

Maine coast collected driftwood steel base linen shades 60″ H X 6″ W X 14″ D

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Maine found driftwood Custom candelabra

17 Seconds

Maine coast collected driftwood and mussel shells Custom weathered steel frame 2’H X 6’W


6′ W X 2′ H Maine Coast collected mussel shells driftwood stainless steel frame

Garden Bench

Maine Coast collected driftwood Antique French linen slipcover 38″ H X 44″ L X 24″ D


Maine Coast collected driftwood custom glass mirror 94″ H X 56″ W


Maine Coast found driftwood forged steel base 48″ H X 30″ W X 114″ L

Pair of Horses

Maine Coast collected driftwood 32″ H X 36″ L X 7.5″ W (each) Private commission


Naturally formed wood – Maine marsh found Brushed steel base H 27.5″H X 11.5″W X 2.75″D 8″ X 8″