Driftwood and mussel shell assemblage.

Ebb and Flow

Maine collected mussel shells Maine gathered driftwood Custom polished stainless steel frame 4′ diameter


Maine found driftwood Custom bronze finished base Table Top Sculpture 23″ H X 15″ W X 8″ D


Maine found driftwood Custom resin center 24″ H Custom base 5″ X 5″ X 5″ Private commission

Sea Turtles

Maine collected driftwood and Maine cedar 4′ L X 3′ W 2′ L X 1’5″ W Commercial Installation Marco Island

Flat Point

Maine collected driftwood with resin center 25″H Custom base 8″ X 8″ Private commission


King size bed Maine collected driftwood Custom measurements Private commission ~ Custom installation


Maine found driftwood Custom oil rubbed bronze base 27″ H X 8″ W X 8″ D  


Maine collected driftwood Custom steel base Linen shade 60′ H X 6″ W X 14″ D


  Maine found driftwood coffee table Bronze finished custom steel base Custom oval glass top 4′ L Commercial install  

Points to Sea

Maine coast collected driftwood and mussel shells Custom stainless frame 4′ Diameter


Maine found driftwood. Custom metal base. Bronze finish 31″ H Base – 8″ X 8″

Beach Barometer

Private commission. Maine collected driftwood. Buyers antique barometer. 3′ L X 12″ W


Maine coast collected driftwood. Glass mirrors. 3′ circumference.


Pair of custom driftwood table lamps Maine collected driftwood. White enamel steel bases. Linen shades. 29″ H X 9″ W  

LLBean Eagle

Life size Eagle Assemblage Maine cedar Hand carved Eagle + feathers 8′ W X 4′ H Commercial Installation for LLBean  

Sleeping Fox

Maine coast found driftwood Wall Art 52″ L X 26″ W X 10″ D Commercial install

Preston Pair

Maine collected driftwood Commercial Commission 48″ W X 7″ D


Commission for Rolls Royce Showroom Maine collected driftwood Assembled on-site 13′ Driftwood Tree Assemblage


Maine collected driftwood Custom steel frame Oil paint 3′ X 3″

Cundy’s Table

Maine Coast collected driftwood Custom glass 46″ L X 30″ W X 18″ H        

Pair of Fluted Floor Lamps

Maine coast collected driftwood steel base linen shades 60″ H X 6″ W X 14″ D

Marsh to Sea

Maine Collected driftwood Stainless steel frame 5′ X 3′

17 Seconds

Maine coast collected driftwood and mussel shells Custom weathered steel frame 2’H X 6’W


6′ W X 2′ H Maine Coast collected mussel shells driftwood stainless steel frame

Side Stump Tables

sizing varies each is custom Maine Coast collected driftwood


Queen Maine Coast found driftwood aged hardwood rails mortise and tenon joinery Head board 56″ H X 67″ W


Maine Coast collected driftwood upholstered in linen mortise and tenon joinery 53″ H X 22″ W X 22″ D

Hodson Bench

Maine collected driftwood Seagrass rope Cotton slipcover 56″ H X 48″ W X 20″ D Private commission

Garden Bench

Maine Coast collected driftwood Antique French linen slipcover 38″ H X 44″ L X 24″ D


Maine Coast collected driftwood Found lobster warp Cotton duck cloth slipcover 40″ H X 20.5″ W X 24″ D

Spring Tide III

Maine coast collected driftwood 5′ H X 3′ W

Long Reach

Maine Coast found driftwood hemp whipped cording brushed steel base linen shade Lamp 82″HX82″L Shade 8″ W X 11″ H

Monhegan II

Lamp 19″H X 7.5″W Maine Coast collected driftwood custom linen shade Shade 10″ H X 22″ W


Maine Coast collected driftwood custom linen shade Lamp 51″ H X 8.5 ” W Shade 10″ H X 22″ W


Maine Coast collected driftwood custom glass mirror 94″ H X 56″ W


Maine Coast found driftwood 18″ H 3′ diameter 3/4″ custom glass top Private Commission


Maine Coast collected driftwood 3′ H X 3′ L Private commission


Maine Coast found driftwood forged steel base 48″ H X 30″ W X 114″ L


4′ L X 8″ D X 18″ W Maine collected driftwood Aged Copper Fins Sculpted Head Commercial Commission Herringbone Restaurant La Jolla, CA

Two Tides

Maine coast collected driftwood 54″ W X 54″ H Private commission


Maine Coast found driftwood 32″ H X 36″ L X 7.5″ W Private commission


Swept from roots by north-east swells, forged hammered steel base 84″ H X 60″ W


Maine Coast collected driftwood Steel frame 48″ Circumference

Running Horse

Maine Coast collected driftwood black lacquered steel base 28″ L X 20″ H X 5.5″ W Private commission


Naturally formed wood – Maine marsh found Brushed steel base H 27.5″H X 11.5″W X 2.75″D 8″ X 8″


Maine coast collected driftwood Brushed steel frame 23″ H X 23″ W X 2.5″ Chinese character Private Commission

Spring Tide

Maine Coast collected driftwood 48″ H X  72″ W

Wharf and Channel

Maine coast collected driftwood and found lobster warp Weathered steel frame 4′ H X 3′ W

Horse II

Maine collected driftwood 32″ H X 36″ L X 7.5″ W Private commission


Maine Coast collected driftwood Brushed steel frame 23″ H X 23″ W X 2.5″ D Chinese Character Private Commission