Driftwood candleabra

17 Seconds

Maine coast collected driftwood and mussel shells Custom weathered steel frame 2’H X 6’W


6′ W X 2′ H Maine Coast collected mussel shells driftwood stainless steel frame

Side Stump Tables

sizing varies each is custom Maine Coast collected driftwood


Queen Maine Coast found driftwood aged hardwood rails mortise and tenon joinery Head board 56″ H X 67″ W


Maine Coast found driftwood seagrass rope mortise and tenon joinery homespun antique linen slipcover 56″ H X 48″ W X 20″ D


Maine Coast collected driftwood upholstered in linen mortise and tenon joinery 53″ H X 22″ W X 22″ D

Hodson Bench

Maine collected driftwood Seagrass rope Cotton slipcover 56″ H X 48″ W X 20″ D Private commission

Garden Bench

Maine Coast collected driftwood Antique French linen slipcover 38″ H X 44″ L X 24″ D


Maine Coast collected driftwood Found lobster warp Cotton duck cloth slipcover 40″ H X 20.5″ W X 24″ D

Spring Tide III

Maine coast collected driftwood 5′ H X 3′ W

Chaise Lounge

Maine Coast collected driftwood stained oak muslin covered cushions 63″ L X 30″ W X 32″ H Private commission